What is CamLok and why is it important?

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StoreWALL’s wall panel solution is deisgned around allowing you to hang almost anything in your garage on your wall. This includes the longest and the more heaviest items.

In order to do this, we put a lot of work in the design of our equipment, both the wall panels and the accessories.

The strength of our wall panels system is distributed across both our panels and our accessories. Our panels are supported by our Metal Installstrips which are screwed to your wall and hold the panels. 12 screws are used for each SD Installstrip and 14 screws for each HD Installstrip.

This is backed up by the strength of our accessories. They are all made from heavy duty metal and they all (90%) of themcoe with CamLok our superior and patented locking mechanism. This locking mechanism secures the accessory to the wall and ensures it does not move no matter how many times you add or remove your item from the wall.

Not only does it protect the item hangin on your wall, it also protects your car and anything else standing below it.

Unlike most other accessory styles on the market, CamLok does not use claws to grab and hold onto the panel. Our swivel lock is made from metal and with a simple twist of your screw driver locks that accessory in place for you.

No other solution on the market offers something close to this.

You can read more about CamLok here.