How are delivery charges calculated?

Category: Delivery

Couriers charge delivery based on the size, weight, and overall volume of each package. They then have surcharges based on your location, the weight of your package and its overall size.

At StoreWALL, we charge delivery based on the value of your order, the type of item you have ordered (ie its size), and your location (Metro Vs non-Metro).

To give you an example, a carton of 4 x 2438mm panels weighs 20.5kgs, and has the following dimensions 250mm x 34mm x 8mm. Typical delivery charges per carton are about $60 to a Metro location in most states. If you ordered 2 cartons, our delivery charge to you the customer for a metro location is about $60. Our cost to fulfill this delivery is about $120.

We typically aim to have the customer pay about 50% of the actual value of the delivery charge.

For smaller items, it’s a little more complicated as there are so many different combinations of accessories that could make up your order. The max you are likely to pay in delivery for these items is $32 (Perth). The advantage for these smaller (Metro) item orders is that if the total value of the order exceeds approx $500, free shipping applies. Over the past few months we have been constantly reviewing our charges and reducing them where we can.

For Melbourne-based customers, we also offer free pickup which obviously means you can avoid all delivery charges.

Every few months we do run special offers where you can enjoy free shipping based on your total spend reaching a certain level (this includes order for wall panels and larger items). Sign up to our newsletter to get access to these special offers.