Do I need Installstrips and how many?

StoreWALL can be installed with and without Installstrips. Installstrips are galvanised metal brackets that are screwed to your wall and sit behind your StoreWALL panels. These brackets are used to hold your StoreWALL wall panels (so you don’t have to screw through them). They also provide much of the system’s strength.

StoreWALL Brick Wall Installation

Each Standard Duty Installstrip allows for 12 screws or nails to secure it to your wall. Each Heady Duty Installstrip allows for 16 screws or nails to secure it to your wall. The ability for your StoreWALL panel to carry our specified weight is based on the fact that:

  • our Installstrips are metal and several mm in thickness
  • they are secured with minimum of 12/16 screws or nails.

The chart below provides greater details regarding the weight specifications of our wall panels.

slatwall performance

What types are available?

We sell two types of Installstrips, a Standard Duty Installstrip and a Heavy Duty Installstrip. If you are using Installstrips you will need to purchase the appropriate one based on the panels you have chosen.

How many do I need?

  • You will require 1 x Installstrip for each 1219mm panel you order. This applies to both Standard Duty and Heavy Duty. Our 1219mm cartons will usually contain 4 panels. You will therefore need 4. 1219mm panels are also sold as individual panels.
  • You will require 2 x Installstrips for each 2438mm panel you order. Our 2438mm cartons will usually contain 4 panels. You will therefore need 8.

Where are the Installstrips placed?

The answer to this question depends on your wall.

Each Standard Duty Installstrip is 90cm long and can be broken into 3 sections each 30cm in length. This is in line with the height of a Standard Duty panel which is 304mm (30.4cm).

Each Heavy Duty Installstrip is 114cm long and can be broken into 3 sections each 38cm in length. This is in line with the height of a Heavy Duty panel which is 381mm (38cm).

You should aim to have 3 points of connection along a 1219mm panel and 6 points of connection along each 2438mm panel. These points of connection will include 1 at the start, one at the end, and one or more in the middle. See images on this page as examples.

StoreWALL Installstrip Installation

When installing on a studded wall you might need to adjust the number of installstrips to suite the actual number of studs on your wall. Sometimes this means you might only find 5 studs along the length and therefore only have 5 points of connection.

You can add additional installstrips if you want/need to by using these screw-in anchors. They are not as strong as an actual stud but can assist where required.

screw in plastic anchors

How many screws/nails will I need?

If you are installing on a plastered or gyprock wall, you will need screws to secure the Installstrip to the studs behind your wall. Each Standard Duty Installstrips requires 12 screws. Our Heady Duty Installstrips require 16 screws. We recommend that you use all of the available screw holes.

If you are installing on a brick or concrete wall, we prefer to use Nail Anchor fasteners instead of screws. See the picture below. The quantity needed is the same as the screw example above.

brick wall anchor nails

What if I don’t want to use Installstrips?

All of our panels can be installed directly with screws through the panel. You will drill through the groove section of the panel and into the stud of your wall or into your brick wall. We offer colour screw options to assist with blending the colour of the screw and the colour of your wall panels.

Are your products the same as what is sold on the US store?

Yes, we are the authorised distributor of StoreWALL in Australia. All of our StoreWALL panels and accessories come from the StoreWALL US factory. We stock a large range of garage wall panel colours offered in the US. We stock almost every accessory sold via the US store.

Note that some of our accessories including bins and some shelves are sourced locally as they are high volume items.

If you see an item on the US online store that we don’t currently stock it, please let us know. We can order it for you as part of our next shipment.

I can’t work out how many panels I need, can you assist me?

Please give us a call on 0411280646, we are more than happy to help you measure your area and provide you with a cost for making your walls great storage areas. There is no cost for this service.

All we require are the height and width of your wall, what it is made from and some photos of it. We can quote you within 24hrs.

Please also take a look at our new Wall Panel Estimator.

May I order by phone?

If you have issues with regards to ordering online please give us a call so that we can assist you. We are able to process your order over the phone. Our main number is 0411 280 646.

When do you charge my credit card?

Credit Card payments are processed via a Merchant Service called eWay. We do not see your credit card details, nor have any access to them. eWay works with thousands of businesses across Australia. Once the transaction is processed through the eWay merchant gateway, you will see the transaction on your card record.

What credit cards do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard and American Express. We also accept payment via Paypal and direct bank transfer. Note we offer a discount if you pay by direct bank transfer

We have recently also added AfterPay to our payment options. AfterPay allows you to purchase and make repayments via 4 smaller instalments over 4 fortnights. With interest-free payments, the only fees are for late payments. Note that this service is offered via AfterPay and not through StoreWALL.

Once you complete your shopping cart on our website and select the AfterPay payment method, you will be transferred to the AfterPay website for approval. This takes about a minute. Your order is then shipped by StoreWALL as per normal.

Note, StoreWALL is not affiliated with AfterPay. We don’t receive any commissions for offering this service. You are free to choose any payment method that suits your needs.  

What happens if I order an item and it is not in stock?

We do our best to ensure all items are in stock at all times. Our shopping cart shows you the stock levels for all items. If an item you want is out of stock, you can simply check the website periodically or contact us. We’ll give you an estimate for when we expect it in.

Do you have a retail store that I can visit

StoreWALL Australia is located in Melbourne and we mainly serve our customers via our online store. If you are in Melbourne, we can organise for you to visit us and inspect our panels and accessories. Please call us on 0411280646 to arrange a time.

For people living in other states, our catalogue is online and you can order directly from our secure website 24/7. We deliver to all states, cities and towns around Australia. We also ship to New Zealand.

We have lots of photos and videos of our equipment online to assist you with understanding how StoreWALL will make your walls a great storage area.

We also offer our Garage Wall Estimator which can help you calculate the quantity of wall panels you may need and an estimated price.

Visit our Garage Gallery which is filled with pictures of StoreWALL installations we have completed and photos of installations completed by our customers.

Finally, we also sell samples of our panels if you would like to see the panel before you order.