Do you offer a full service Garage Service?

StoreWALL focuses on delivering the best in Garage Wall Panels and Garage Wall Accessories. Our focus is your garage walls.

We consider StoreWALL Wall Panels to be the strongest and best-engineered panels in the market. Combined with our Installstrips, there is no better solution on the market.

We also believe that our range of accessories, their design, protection, and locking mechanism (CamLok) offer you the best in long-term value.

Depending on your location we can suggest providers of garage furniture such as cupboards and benches as well as garage floor re-surfacing. Note that these are not services that we directly offer.

TidyWall Compatibility

Are StoreWALL accessories compatible with my TidyWall Wall Panels? Based on feedback from several customers, TidyWall panels use a similar groove spacing to StoreWALL Panels. This means that the spacing between grooves that will hold the accessory is the same at 75mm.

Therefore, you can confidently purchase StoreWALL accessories and use them on your TidyWall wall panels. Conversely, if you own StoreWALL wall panels, your TidyWall accessories will work on your panels.

Are your products the same as what is sold on the US store?

Yes, we are the authorised distributor of StoreWALL in Australia. All of our StoreWALL panels and accessories come from the StoreWALL US factory. We stock a large range of garage wall panel colours offered in the US. We stock almost every accessory sold via the US store.

Note that some of our accessories including bins and some shelves are sourced locally as they are high volume items.

If you see an item on the US online store that we don’t currently stock it, please let us know. We can order it for you as part of our next shipment.

Can I use your accessories on my garage wall panels?

In a lot of cases the size and design of slatwall panels can be quite similar between providers. This also applies to the slots into which the accessories are installed. Therefore, it is highly likely that our StoreWALL hooks and baskets will fit into your existing slatwall system.

A great way to check is to compare the measurements of your panels to the photos below. The key is to ensure that the Profile of the Panel looks similar with the groove allowing the accessory to fit its 15mm lip. On the second photo, the distance between the top of the groove and the bottom should be about 75mm.


If you send us a photo of what you have, we can assist you as best we can. We have several videos on our StoreWALL channel which shows us using StoreWALL accessories with the StorEase Smart Wall Panel (wider aluminium finish) offered by Bunnings.

Note that StoreWALL accessories fit into StorEase Wall Track Slimline panel (slimmer black panel) but due to the grouve design, have considerable slack and move. We don’t recommend that you use the Slimline panel.

The StorEase accessories do not work with the StoreWALL panels.


We also have an article of our accessories being used on the Garagetek wall panel. Infact many customers have purchased our accessories and used them with Garagetek wall panels.


Similarly, we also have an article of our accessories being used with the Garagesmart wall panel.

Garage Living

StoreWALL accessories have been successfully used on garage wall panels sold by Garage Living.

Do you have a catalog?

Yes you can access our latest catalog from here. Our range of products is however available via our online store. The online store will always be the most up to date catalogue.