StoreWALL Small Tote Bag

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Brand: StoreWALL

StoreWALL Small Tote Bag (Grab & Go Bag): Compact and Durable for Easy Storage

Ideal for Athletic Gear like Uniforms and Shin Guards

Enhance your organization with the StoreWALL Small Tote Bag, a compact and efficient Grab & Go Bag made from heavy-duty, tear-resistant canvas. This bag is excellently suited for storing and quickly accessing small athletic items such as uniforms and shin guards. The inclusion of mesh panels enhances visibility and air circulation, making it an ideal choice for sports enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  • Strong and Visible: Crafted from durable canvas, the bag is tear-resistant, while mesh panels offer visibility and breathability.
  • Perfect for Sports Equipment: Specially designed for small athletic items, keeping them neatly organized and easily accessible.
  • Convenient Hanging System: Utilize two 300mm Universal Hooks (sold separately) for effortless hanging and access.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: The bag measures 279mm deep, 304mm high, and 457mm wide, providing a compact yet spacious storage solution.
  • Weight Capacity: Safely supports up to 9KGs. To maintain the bag's integrity, avoid over-packing to prevent stretching or tearing of the seams.

Looking for More Storage Options?

  • Explore our range with Medium and Large Grab & Go Bags for additional space requirements.

Broad Compatibility:

  • Fully compatible with StoreWALL Basic Duty, Standard Duty, and Heavy Duty Panels, ensuring versatile and secure installation.

Streamline Your Storage:

The StoreWALL Small Tote Bag (Grab & Go Bag) is more than just a storage accessory; it's an essential tool for an organized, accessible, and efficient space. Whether it's for a gym locker, garage, or any storage area, this bag offers a practical solution for keeping your items in order.

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