StoreWALL Simple Garden Kit

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Brand: StoreWALL

Transform Your Gardening Tool Storage with StoreWALL's Simple Garden Kit – Ideal for Limited Spaces

Efficiently Organize Your Gardening Tools in Compact Areas

Confront the common challenge of organizing gardening tools in limited spaces with StoreWALL's Simple Garden Kit. This solution is specifically designed for homeowners with a modest collection of gardening tools, providing a compact yet highly efficient system to keep your tools secure and well-organized.

Key Features of the Simple Garden Kit:

  • Compact Design: Perfect for those with fewer gardening tools, this kit optimizes space in garages or garden sheds.
  • Stylish Wall Panels: Choose from Weathered Grey or Brite White panels to complement your space.
  • Sturdy InstallStrip: Ensures the stability and strength of your wall panel, creating a secure foundation.
  • Versatile Hooks and Shelf: Includes 1 x Heavy Duty Cradle Hook, 1 x Long Hook for paper towels, 4 x 127mm Single Hooks, 1 x 812mm Metal Ledge Shelf without brackets, and 1 x Heavy Duty Tool Hook.
  • Simplified Installation: The kit is designed for easy DIY setup, with screws included for InstallStrips.
  • Optimized Dimensions: With installed dimensions of 304mm in height and 1219mm in width, the kit maximizes vertical storage space. This equates to 1 x 1219mm Standard Duty Wall Panel.

Ideal for Gardening Enthusiasts with Limited Space:

The StoreWALL Simple Garden Kit is not just a storage solution; it's a transformative approach to garden tool organization. It's ideal for individuals seeking a practical, space-efficient way to keep their gardening tools in order. The kit's durability and versatility make it a valuable addition to any compact area.

Choose the StoreWALL Simple Garden Kit for a functional and stylish way to integrate your gardening tools into a well-organized space, making the most out of limited storage areas.

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