StoreWALL Shelf & Basket Kit

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Brand: StoreWALL

Transform Your Garage with StoreWALL's Comprehensive Shelf and Basket Kit

Ideal for Organizing Bottles, Containers, and Tools

Revitalize your garage space with StoreWALL's Shelf and Basket Kit, the ultimate solution for efficiently organizing those hard-to-store bottles, containers, and tools. This kit is designed to jumpstart your garage renovation and introduce you to the versatility of StoreWALL.

Key Features of the Shelf and Basket Kit:

  • Versatile Storage Options: Includes a variety of shelves and baskets, easily reconfigurable to suit your changing storage needs.
  • Quality Wall Panels: Comes with 4 x 1.2m Standard Duty Wall Panels in Weathered Grey or Brite White - please select your preference.
  • Easy Installation: 4 x InstallStrips are included for a straightforward setup, along with screws for your installstrips.
  • Comprehensive Components: The kit contains 1 x 812mm Shelf, 1 x 1219mm Shelf, 4 x 254mm Brackets, 1 x 812mm Ledge Shelf, 1 x Square Deep Basket, and 1 x Small Angle Basket.

Installed Dimensions:

  • The complete setup spans an area of 1219mm in height and 1219mm in width, offering substantial space for storage.

Organize Your Garage Like a Pro:

The StoreWALL Shelf and Basket Kit is more than just storage accessories; it's a complete system for creating an organized, accessible, and efficient garage. Whether you're storing everyday tools, garden supplies, or sports equipment, this kit provides the ideal storage solution for every need.

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