StoreWALL Select Shelf Bundle

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Brand: StoreWALL

Maximize Garage Efficiency with the StoreWALL Select Garage Shelf Bundle

Ideal for Organizing with Popular and Versatile Shelves

Transform your garage into a model of efficiency with the StoreWALL Select Garage Shelf Bundle. This carefully curated collection features some of our most popular and practical shelving options, designed to revolutionize the way you organize your space. Experience the difference in efficiency and order with these top-notch garage shelves.

What’s Included in the Select Shelf Bundle:

  • Diverse Shelving Options: Includes 2 x 812mm Floating Plastic Shelves, 4 x 254mm Brackets, 2 x 812mm Metal Ledge Shelves, 1 x Angle Shelf, 2 x Large Wire Shelves, 2 x Small Wire Shelves, and 2 x 600mm Deep Wire Shelves with brackets.
  • Easily Adjustable: The StoreWALL Select Shelf range offers flexibility and can be easily rearranged and expanded as your garage organization needs evolve.

Shelf Dimensions and Features:

  • Floating Plastic Shelf: 254mm x 812mm per shelf.
  • Metal Ledge Shelf: 254mm x 812mm per shelf.
  • Angle Shelf: 139mm H x 762mm W x 381mm D.
  • Large Wire Shelf: 190mm H x 762mm W x 355mm D.
  • Small Wire Shelf: 180mm H x 760mm W x 245mm D.
  • Deep Wire Shelf: 190mm H x 900mm W x 600mm D, including bracket.

Effortless Organization for Every Garage:

The StoreWALL Select Garage Shelf Bundle is more than just a set of shelves; it's a comprehensive solution for creating an organized, accessible, and efficient garage. Whether you're looking to store tools, sports equipment, or household items, this bundle offers a versatile and reliable storage solution for every need.

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