StoreWALL Lawn Care Kit-Tall

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Brand: StoreWALL

Easily Organize Your Lawn Care Tools with the Lawn Care Kit – Tall from StoreWALL

Streamline Lawn Maintenance with an Efficient Tool Rack for Your Garage Wall

Achieve the perfect lawn with ease using StoreWALL's Lawn Care Kit – Tall. This comprehensive tool rack system for garage walls is designed to store all your lawn maintenance equipment efficiently. Spend less time searching for supplies and more time caring for your lawn with this essential organization kit.

What’s Included in the Lawn Care Kit – Tall:

  • Wall Panels: 6 x 1.2m Standard Duty Wall Panels in Weathered Grey or Brite White – the choice is yours.
  • InstallStrips: 6 x InstallStrips included for secure and stable panel installation.
  • Shelving and Hooks: Comes with 1 x Angled Shelf, 1 x 812mm Metal Ledge Shelf, 2 x 254mm Brackets, 1 x 812mm Metal Floating Shelf, 1 x Heavy Duty Tool Hook, 1 x Long Hook, and 2 x 127mm Single Hooks.
  • Screws: All necessary screws for InstallStrips are provided.

Installed Dimensions:

  • The kit, once installed, covers an area of 1829mm in height and 1219mm in width.

Please Note:

  • The image may show 2 floating shelf units, but the bundle includes 1 floating shelf unit and 1 Metal Ledge Shelf. Both offer similar functional features.

Transform Your Lawn Care Routine:

The StoreWALL Lawn Care Kit – Tall is not just a set of shelves and hooks; it's a complete solution for organizing your lawn care equipment in your garage. This kit provides everything you need to keep your tools readily accessible, enhancing efficiency in your lawn maintenance routine.

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