StoreWALL Deluxe Home Fitness Kit

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Brand: StoreWALL

Transform Your Space into a Personal Gym with StoreWALL's Deluxe Home Fitness Kit

Ideal for Home-Based Workouts and Efficient Equipment Organization

Create your own home fitness gym with StoreWALL's Deluxe Home Fitness Kit. This comprehensive kit is perfect for anyone looking to combine their training equipment, including weights, exercise balls, ropes, and mats, in a dedicated home or garage space. Whether you're avoiding gym crowds or looking for a more cost-effective workout solution, our Deluxe Home Fitness Kit offers everything you need to store your fitness essentials efficiently.

What’s Included in the Deluxe Home Fitness Kit:

  • Wall Panels: 3 x 1.2m Standard Duty Wall Panels in your choice of Weathered Grey or Brite White.
  • InstallStrips: 3 x InstallStrips for secure and easy panel installation.
  • Shelving and Hooks: Includes 2 x 812mm Plastic Shelves, 4 x 254mm Brackets, 6 x Heavy Duty Universal Hooks, 2 x 127mm Single Hooks, and 1 x Heavy Duty Utility Hook.
  • Screws: All necessary screws for InstallStrips are provided.

Installed Dimensions:

  • The kit, once installed, covers an area of 912mm in height and 1219mm in width.

Create Your Personal Workout Oasis:

StoreWALL's Deluxe Home Fitness Kit is more than just a storage solution; it's a way to bring the convenience and functionality of a gym into your home. Organize your free weights, yoga mats, and other fitness equipment with ease, and enjoy the benefits of a well-arranged workout space.

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