StoreWALL 381mm Angle Bracket

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Brand: StoreWALL

The 381mm Angle Bracket is a simple storage solution for keeping those large and bulky items out of the way. It can be used to hold kayaks, Christmas trees, suitcases and more. A perfect addition for any garage or storage space.

Kayak Wall Mount
The StoreWALL 381mm Angle Bracket is the ideal Kayak Wall Mount. Each bracket is made from solid steel, powder coated for added protection and comes with our exclusive CamLok locking mechanism which ensures your expensive water sports equipment does not make its way to the floor.

To protect your items from damage and slippage each bracket also comes with our closed cell foam strips.

Sold as one bracket

381mm Angle Bracket Maximum recommended weight capacity 68KGs. (wall panels installed with InstallStrips)

Dimensions of each bracket are: 647mm (off the wall) x 50mm (width) x 450mm (height). Note that the flat part of the brackets extends to 381mm off the wall.

Also look for our 254mm Angle Bracket!

Compatible with:

  • Basic Duty Panels
  • Standard Duty Panels
  • Heavy Duty Panels

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