Mushroom Nail In Anchors 6.5mm X 50mm - 100 pc

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Brand: StoreWALL

Note: This larger Anchor is is slightly longer than our regular 5mm x 40mm anchor and is suitable for installing Installstrips on walls that have plaster on top of brickwork.

The Mushroom Nail In Anchors is used for lightweight anchoring into solid masonry and hollow wall applications. The mushroom nail in anchor is simple to use and ideal for a variety of applications. Please see the table below for grip range and drill size.

Coating Nylon
Head Type Mushroom Head
Length Length is measured from under the head
Drilling and Fixing Information for Nail In Anchor - Mushroom
Size Drill Size (mm) Fasten Material (mm)
6.5mm X 50 6.5 32
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