Unlock Versatile Storage with Slatwalls!

Originally a staple in retail settings, slatwalls have evolved into a dynamic solution for everyday spaces. Traditionally featuring evenly spaced grooves, slatwalls now transcend commercial use, seamlessly fitting into kitchens, pantry cupboards, laundries, workshops, and garages. Elevate your storage game with hooks, shelves, baskets, and more – transforming your space with the same efficiency that retailers trust!


MDF Slatwalls

Lightweight and easily customizable, MDF slatwalls are a budget-friendly choice. With grooves spaced at 100mm, you can snag a 1200 x 1200 mm square board for just $60 (excl. taxes). Explore options for color, enhanced protection with aluminum trims, and even tailor-made cuts.

While MDF slatwalls offer fantastic perks, it’s crucial to grasp their limitations. Dive into our latest article to unveil the full picture of Why You Don’t Want MDF Slatwalls. Transform your garage or workshop wisely!

Why Slatwalls

The key strength of a slatwall lies in its unmatched versatility. The strategically spaced grooves enable seamless integration of accessories like hooks, shelves, baskets, and brackets. Their modular design allows for easy repositioning, providing unparalleled flexibility. In dynamic retail settings, where displays evolve regularly, this adaptability becomes a game-changer. Elevate your space with the limitless possibilities of a slatwall!

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Versatility, a standout feature of slatwalls, is equally crucial for home applications. Consider the evolving contents of your garage over the past 2 or 5 years. Slatwalls empower you to adapt effortlessly without upheaving your entire garage. If today demands shelves for storage, deck out your wall with baskets and shelves. Fast forward two years, and your needs shift to hooks for bikes and sports gear—simply add them in. As time unfolds, effortlessly swap out or adjust accessories to suit your evolving requirements. Slatwalls make home transformations a breeze!


While MDF or particle board slatwalls may seem budget-friendly, they lack durability, especially in high-impact areas like workshops or garages. Vulnerable to water damage and prone to dents, their longevity is compromised. Colored MDF panels, in particular, reveal their flaws—scratches reveal the natural wood color beneath the painted surface.

Beyond durability, the accessory options for retail slatwalls are often limited, lacking the security features essential for a garage or workshop. With 100mm groove spacing, compatibility with standard garage storage accessories becomes a challenge. Opt for lasting resilience and broad accessory compatibility—choose quality over shortcuts.

Why StoreWALL Slatwalls

Discover the resilience of StoreWALL’s slatwalls—exceptionally durable and completely weatherproof. Crafted from thermoplastic with a robust solid core, these panels are designed to resist dents, maintaining a flawless appearance. Even if an accidental dent occurs, the color remains consistent throughout, minimizing any noticeable impact.

Curious about the right quantity for your project? Use our quick and easy StoreWALL Panel Calculator—get an estimate in just 10 seconds and explore the superior quality for your garage storage needs.

Installing StoreWALL Standard Duty Slatwalls

The Ultimate Garage Wall Solution

Transform your garage with StoreWALL’s unparalleled slatwalls using our innovative installstrips. Unlike traditional visible screw installations, installstrips are metallic strips that securely attach to your wall, providing a cleaner finish and superior strength. Effortlessly clip the slatwalls onto the installstrips for a seamless and robust wall solution.

Our standard wall panels come in 1.2m and 2.4m lengths, easily customizable with a drop or circular saw. The solid core design offers additional benefits such as 100% waterproofing, resistance to mould, mildew, and stains, and effortless cleaning—simply hose down the wall.

Explore the three-grade options: Basic Duty, Standard Duty, and Heavy Duty. For most Australian customers, the Standard Duty range is the ideal choice. Elevate your garage with StoreWALL’s perfect garage wall solution.

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Elevate Any Wall: Plaster, Brick, or Concrete

StoreWALL’s slatwall solution is incredibly versatile, capable of transforming garages with various wall types. Whether you have a typical studded plastered wall, brick walls, or even concrete walls, our innovative Installstrips can be utilized to achieve the perfect wall finish, providing you with a unique opportunity to enhance your garage space.

Watch the video below to witness the seamless installation of our slatwall solution on a brick wall. With StoreWALL, you can effortlessly elevate any wall, creating a garage space that combines functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Unlock the Power of CamLok for Your Garage

Experience a new level of garage organization with StoreWALL’s revolutionary accessories featuring CamLok, our unique locking mechanism. Unlike traditional hardware store options, our accessories, such as hooks, can be effortlessly repositioned and securely locked in place with a simple twist of the CamLok mechanism.

Watch the video below to witness the strength and reliability of CamLok in action. Not only does CamLok provide ultimate security for your belongings, but it also safeguards your boards from scratches during accessory adjustments.

Explore our range of CamLok-enabled accessories, including hooks, baskets, shelves, tote bags, brackets, and bins, to transform your garage into a perfectly organized space.

Versatility Beyond Compare

StoreWALL’s slatwalls not only boast an extensive range of over 20 hooks and accessories but are also compatible with other accessory options. However, it’s essential to conduct thorough research to ensure that spacing and sizing align seamlessly with your walls or existing accessories.

Our accessories are not exclusive to StoreWALL panels; they can be utilized with StorEase Panels from Bunnings and GarageTek panels, offering you flexibility in your organizational choices.

Additionally, if environmental sustainability is a priority for you, rest assured that our slatwalls are 100% recyclable (Class 3 recyclable), contributing to a more eco-friendly afterlife.

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