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Thanks for visiting StoreWALL Australia. We launched StoreWALL Australia at the beginning of 2018 following some thorough research into the garage solution and storage market.

StoreWALL manufactures premium slatwall panels and accessories which fit into these panels including hooks, brackets, shelves, baskets, boxes, and tote bags. Combined, the StoreWALL solution will not only create a structured storage solution for your garage wall, it will also provide flexibility as you requirements around storage change.

The key benefit with slatwall solutions is that once the wall panels are installed, the accessories are free to be placed and moved around as required. If you are only in need of shelves and baskets today then start with this. If in 12mths time you require hooks and boxes, then add them in. Rearrange your wall panel and lock them down.

StoreWALL comes with the exclusive CamLok security mechanism which ensure that whatever you hang from your StoreWALL accessory you will not find it on the ground the next day. Most slatwall systems on the market use a simple locking mechanism which consists of a lip at the top of the accessory and two lips below. The one at the top slips into the slatwall groove. Then one of the two lower lips does the same and the second (outside one) creates friction on the outside of the groove to secure it.

If you however tug on the accessory moving it up and down lightly it will not most cases loosen. Depending the weight of the contents you might then also find them on the ground.

StoreWALL’s CamLok is an actual locking mechanism which doesn’t allow for the up and down movement. Removing this movement ensure that you are not able to remove the accessory nor spill its contents.

Check out our videos for more.