StoreWALL Angle Shelf

Our StoreWALL Angle Shelf features a vented design that allows drip drying of wet or muddy shoes. With a 30 degree slope any built up dirt or storewall angle shelfmoisture is easily wicked away from the wall for easy cleanup. Better still, our StoreWALL Angle shelf easily holds 3 pairs of boots.

If work boots aren’t your challenge, organise canned goods or create a wine rack in your cellar or garage.

Angle Iron Garage Shelves
The angled design is also a great solution for displaying brochures and books. The angle iron garage shelves is powder coated for added protection should you use it in a high volume area of your home or workshop.

Angle Shelf Dimensions: 139 mm in height x 762 mm across x 381 mm off the wall

Angle Shelf Maximum recommended weight capacity 34KG. (wall panels installed with InstallStrips)