StoreWALL Shelves

StoreWALL Shelves are heavy duty and perfect for all of your storage needs. Made of extruded, lightweight thermoplastic, the shelves storewall shelvesare incredibly strong, do not require paint or finishing and are simple to keep clean. The biggest challenge with most shelves is the lack of depth. If what you are looking for is hidden at the back, its hard to find. A great shelf is just ONE THING: DEEP – no hunting through layers of stuff.

Metal Shelves

Our 390 mm Depth Metal Shelf securely locks into place with CamLokTM backplates. Made from solid industrial grade steel with a heavy duty powder coat finish.

StoreWALL shelves range from 190mm – 350mm depths and are perfect for places where brackets cannot be used.  The StoreWALL wire shelves are super strong and functional. They hang on our wall panels with our exclusive CamLok system, so they are NOT moving around unless you want to change their location. The wire shelves keep dirt from accumulating on the shelf and it is easy to see what you have stored.

Could you imagine all of those cans sitting on the bench or the floor tidied up using our simple shelves? Your floors would be clean, easy to maintain and each time you needed something it would easy to find hanging form your wall. StoreWALL solutions put you back in control of your garage, workshop, gym or laundry.

Slatwall Display Shelves

Our range of Slatwall display shelves now also includes a great range of plastic and metal floating shelves which are equally hard wearing but super light. They compliment our slat shelving system and come in a variety of sizes and depths.