StoreWALL Single Hook

The StoreWALL Single Hook 5″ (127 mm) has been one of the most popular wall accessories over the past few years.storewall single hook

What has made it great value has been its versatility plus strength and size. One hook lets you organise those bigger items and sort them all in the one place. Simple and easy garage wall management.

All of the storeWALL hooks come CamLok™ equipped, and ready to go to work!

Most people don’t order just one, they order two or even three StoreWALL Single Hooks.

5″ (127 mm) Single Hook Unit of Measure
Sold as 1 piece

5″ Single Hook Specifications
(Length) 127mm x 50 mm (Width) x (Depth) 88 mm

The StoreWALL Single Hook (127 mm) has a maximum recommended weight capacity of 15 KG (assumes the wall panels are supported with InstallStrips).