StoreWALL Large Bungee Hook Set

The StoreWALL Large Bungee Hook Set comes with two closed loop hooks and our bungee cord so you can store large objects vertically on the storewall Large Bungee Hook Setwall, freeing up valuable storage space in your garage or workshop. The Large Bungee Hook Set can be used to store items such as a rowboat, wheelbarrow and more! The Large Bungee measures 838 mm without clips and extends to 2438 mm clip to clip. Its large and can help you store any of those really large items.

StoreWALL Large Bungee Hook Set includes:
1 – Bungee cord with clips
2 – Closed Loop Hooks

114 mm H x 990 mm W x 63 mm D, un-stretched clip to clip

StoreWALL’s bungee cord with carabiner hook set comes in 3 special sizes, ready to hold and store your smaller and larger items.