StoreWALL Heavy Duty Box Hook

The StoreWALL Heavy Duty Box Hook attaches and securely locks itself to existing slat walls using the StoreWALL CamLok. CamLok is exclusive to StoreWALL and ensures whatever storewall Heavy Duty Box Hookyou place in the holder is easily removed and replaced without knocking the holder off the wall. Use the box hook to keep sharp tools like hedge trimmers, clippers, scissors, hatchets and other items organised, off the floor and stored safely.
StoreWALL offers a great range of hooks for hanging garden tools. Catering for all large and small garden accessories. Ensuring they are kept off the ground and remain sharp and ready for use.
Heavy Duty Box Hook Unit of Measure:
Sold as 1 hook
StoreWALL Heavy Duty Box Hook Specifications:
(Height) 127 mm x (Width) 101 mm x (Depth) 50 mm
Heavy Duty Box Hook Maximum recommended weight capacity 50KGs. (wall panels installed with InstallStrips)