StoreWALL Closed Loop Hook

The StoreWALL Closed Loop Hook is adaptable and makes a great addition to any StoreWALL installation. Our Closed Loop Hook can be used with our bungee cords to create a full StoreWALL closed loop hookstorage system. Closed loop hooks can also be used with a hanger for hunting and fishing apparel.

Used with the Bungee Cords, Closed Loop Hooks can wrap around wheel barrows, ladders or any larger garage item. Once attached, the bungee secures the item to the wall with tension.

StoreWALL Closed Loop Hook Unit of Measure:

Sold as 1 hook

Closed Hook Specifications:

(Height) 114 mm x 76 mm (Width) x (Depth) 63 mm

Closed Loop Hook Maximum recommended weight capacity 56 KGs and assumes wall panels installed with InstallStrips.