StoreWALL Angled Pole Hook

The StoreWALL Angled Pole Hook is ideal for horizontal or vertical storage. Fishing poles can be stored neatly on the wall. Cleaning devices such storewall angled pole hookas mops and brooms can hang up off the floor.

It’s a simple unique hook which easily replaces the mess in the corner of the garage where most of your brooms and polls stand waiting to be used.

StoreWALL Angled Pole Hook is also ideal as a garden pole hook. Rakes, brooms, cobweb cleaners, use our angled pole hook to tidy them up.

Everything we do at StoreWALL is about cleaning up your garage wall and floor so that you can have more room to move and get things done.

Pole Hook Maximum recommended weight capacity 56KGs and assumes wall panels installed with InstallStrips.