StoreWALL 63mm Single Hook

The StoreWALL 63mm Single Hook is the ideal garage wall hook when you just need an affordable solution to help you manage those lighter 63 mm storewall single hook weight items. The StoreWALL 63mm Single Hook will help you keep those small, lighter items organised and accessible.

Garage Tidy Hooks
The Single Hook is perfect for storing everything from gardening hand tools to book bags for the kids. It’s even great for storing pots and pans in your pantry!

Just like all StoreWALL hooks, it’s equipped with our patent-pending CamLok™, so you know it will stay where it should – on the wall!

At only 63 mm in length it will become your most versatile hook.

tipCapPileTip Cap Information
The Tip Cap is a rubber grip protector for the end of storeWALL straight hooks. The cap prevents delicate items such as fabrics from sliding off the hooks.

2.5″ Single Hook Specifications
63 mm (Length) x 63 mm (Width) x 86 mm (Depth)

Maximum recommended weight capacity 18KGs. (wall panels installed with InstallStrips)