StoreWALL Small Bin

The StoreWALL Small Bin is an all purpose bin for anything from tools to toys and home or commercial use. Dimensions are (L) 130mm x (W) 140mm x (H) 100mm.

StoreWALL Small Bin
Our range of small wall mounted bins are stylish and form part of our go anywhere storage solution.

Plastic slatwall Small Bin features:

  • A Slathook which ensures easy fit into existing StoreWALL slatwall panelsstorewall small bin
  • Elegant, curved profile to suit our StoreWALL designs
  • Flat base makes it easy to access anything sitting in shelving beneath the small bin
  • Super-tough, impact-modified, fade-resistant, virgin polypropylene
  • Small Bin available in black, white and crystal clear

Use the StoreWALL Small Bin to compliment your existing StoreWALL home storage solutions. They are so cheap that you can’t just buy one of them. Set them up and move them around as and when you need to. Simple and easy but also very flexible.