StoreWALL Big Slot Bin

storewall big slot bin

The StoreWALL Big Slot Bin is the ideal complement to our existing StoreWALL slatwall bin range and its little brother the standard Slot Bin. With slightly larger dimensions these slot bins can work together to compliment your slatwalls and keep those smaller items off the bench or better still the floor.

StoreWALL Big Slot Bin

Being slightly larger than the standard slot bin, it can hold larger items such as hinges, tape, globes and anything for your workshop or tool shed. Dimensions are: (L) 275mm x (W) 275mm x (H) 170mm.


  • Slathook ensures easy fit into existing StoreWALL slatwalls
  • Compatible with all slatwall panels
  • Super-tough, impact-modified, fade-resistant, virgin polypropylene
  • Functional scoop-front profile for easy access
  • Convenient label holder and optional lock-in dividers (available separately)
  • Holds up to 30kg / 66lb
  • Available in Black, White, and Chrystal Clear

Our range of StoreWALL slatwall bins is ideal for your pantry or laundry. They can hold your favourite spices or food items that need to be within hand reach when you are cooking.