StoreWALL Square Deep Basket

The StoreWALL Square Deep Basket creates an effective storage solution for your space. With a depth of 361 mm and width of 406 mm you have Storewall square deep basketample room for large bags. You also have plenty of support to keep them upright. Whether they are paint cans or gardening fertilisers, our Garage Wall Baskets can hold most items with plenty of room to spare.

StoreWALL’s great range of baskets and shelves allow you to make the ultimate BBQ supply station. All of your outdoor cooking equipment is nicely stored in one well organised area.

StoreWALL Square Deep Basket dimensions:

(Height) 266 mm x (Width) 406 mm x (Depth) 361 mm

Our Square Deep Basket Maximum recommended weight capacity 68 KGs and assumes wall panels are supported with InstallStrips.

Compatible with all StoreWALL wall panels including:

  • Basic Duty
  • Standard Duty
  • Heavy Duty