The StoreWALL range is unique for a few key reasons. Our Wall Panels are strong and sturdy supported by our unique install storewall rangestrips. This makes our structure able to support greater weight than others. Furthermore our huge range of accessories come equipped with CamLok, the only wall panel system that guarantees to keep your accessories on the wall not the floor.

StoreWALL Wall Panels

We offer the standard and heavy duty wall panels in a great range of 7 colours. Wall Panels can be installed directly onto your plaster wall with screws or using our reliable InstallStrips. Wall Panels also come in two sizes the 1.2m and 2.4m range.

Learn more about our StoreWALL range of panels here

StoreWALL Hooks

Our range of hardwearing steel hooks gives you the option to hang just about anything to your StoreWALL panel. We offer over 10 hooks across our standard and heavy duty hook accessories. Whether you are looking to secure clothing, bags, sports equipment or tools, our range will fit your need. Accessories feature our exclusive all-metal CamLok™. 

Take a look our hook range here.

StoreWALL Bags & Baskets

StoreWALL’s range of bags and baskets offer an ideal storage solution for anything that is frequently used and needs to be quickly accessed. Our extensive range of baskets are ideal for balls, gloves and all sorts of sports equipment.

Learn more about our bags and baskets range here.

StoreWALL Shelves

StoreWALL Heavy Duty Shelves are perfect for general-purpose storage. An extruded, lightweight thermoplastic, the shelves are incredibly strong, do not require paint or finishing and are simple to keep clean. With shelves the big problem is usually depth. If the thing you need is behind two other things, it’s hard to find. A great shelf is just ONE THING: DEEP – no hunting through layers of stuff.

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StoreWALL Brackets

StoreWALL Brackets will add simple storage solutions for your space. The standard 250mm & 380mm Brackets have multiple uses for shelves, totes, lumber, ski poles and more.

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